Is Learning Chinese Language Difficult?

Is Learning Chinese Language Difficult?

23 Sep 2020 IPSUNI 0 Chinese

Chinese is considered to be the language of modern business, and why not! With the “new normal” after the peak of the pandemic, the Chinese economy is doing well and is amongst the top well-performing economies in the world.

Unfortunately, learning the Chinese language is also considered difficult. This language has several dialects, and apparently a complex writing style (at least beginners believe this).

We also used to advocate this perspective until the addition of our Chinese instructor in the team. All thanks to the qualified Chinese language instructor, who has experience of teaching and working in China, we cleared up our misconceptions about Chinese language short course and Chinese learning.

He says that it is the different writing style that people find intimidating about this language, and it restricts them from taking the respective short course. Moreover, less common vocabulary is fearful for people. But, Chinese language is actually not difficult to grasp.

  • Myth 1:

The Chinese Language Requires Cramming

Yes! Like other languages, you would require memorizing some words, but you can’t master the whole language just by memorization. In fact, when you require memorizing words, you can adopt interesting methods instead of the conventional cramming technique in school.

The Chinese language has many characters. You need an expert to get guidance from and an easy practicing technique.

When you look into the Chinese language, you see that most of the words originate from a single set of words. For Instance, if you learn a word, you can make different words out of it. Thus, modern language institutes help students learn basic 150-200 characters. So, once you learn these words, you can master this language by the building blocks technique.

  • Myth 2:

Chinese is Difficult Because It is Different from other European Language

Yes! This is true that Chinese and English are very difficult from each other, but while learning the Chinese language, we come across the similarities between the two in terms of grammar and structure.

For Instance, In the Chinese language, a sentence is formed with a subject, verb, and object. The same is the case with the English sentence composition.

Also, in the Chinese language, there are no singular/plural, masculine/feminine unlike English, and it also has no conjunctions.  Thus, in some ways, the Chinese have lesser complications.

  • Myth 3: 

You Are Never Going to Need the Chinese Language then why Learn it?

To Europeans and even to some people in Pakistan, enrolling in a Chinese language short course is not a wise decision. Moreover, with its reputation of being difficult, interested people don’t give it a second thought.

However, such a perspective only takes you back from the cultural and business opportunities. With CPEC and the Chinese widespread marketplace, familiarity with this language brings hundreds of career opportunities.

Not just this, you can visit Mandarin-speaking countries without difficulty for a surreal joyful experience.

Thus, by putting efforts into learning the Chinese language, you will get benefits for a lifetime in your career and personal development.

IPS Unit of Education has thus launched its Chinese language short course for people who want to achieve more and excel in their careers. Our instructor ensures to provide quality teaching and make things easy for you to learn. Come join us!



I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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