About Us

A Word from the CEO

At a time when Pakistan suffers from economic instability when most of the people are looking at the politicians with despair in their eyes, IPS comes with an opportunity, especially for the job seekers.

Job placement is a continuous problem in Pakistan. Whether it is a dictator or a democratically elected government, joblessness has been a prevailing issue. IPS is one of those thinking enterprises, which understands the job market and applies methods to counter the status quo.

IPS Uni -The Generations Initiative

Learn from the best faculty, English and Spanish language trainers and become a virtual social butterfly in Spanish and English gatherings.

Consider IPS Language School as a guide that activates your English and Spanish learning senses for you to come out as a winner. Your efforts dont go in vain after these courses!

What Do We Do For You?

If you are a native lacking in English or Spanish speaking skills, here is a chance to improve and change for the better.

The outline of these courses includes every aspect from basic grammar to sentence structuring to everyday conversations. Speak with confidence, without hesitation at the workplace, among your folks, and among professionals.

Who We Are?

We are one of the emerging BPOs of Pakistan. Pakistan, for those who dont know, is Asia's booming economy with multiple investment avenues waiting to be explored. The recently elected government plans to utilize the true potential of the country for the world to know the reality and see the existence of a prolific nation.

Information Process Solutions, Inc. works on the principle of customer acquisition and management through state-of-the-art techniques including VoIP call center services and targeted marketing campaigns. 2020 marks the 6th year of its creation in the hope to experience many successful years ahead.

IPS Unit of Education - Institute of Modern Languages, Lahore

Without further ado, we began a an institute of the professional short course in Lahore in view of the declining job market scenario of Pakistan. If we cannot think of the greater good, what good are we! Gratitude and appreciation of mankind are attributes of the virtuous. If it doesnot pay now, it will definitely pay later, that is what we believe in!

Learn English and Spanish language in 8 weeks because a bright future waits for you at the other end.

Call to see if a seat is available in a freshly started course. WhatsApp us or call at 0309-7777011 for both Spoken English language course in Lahore & Spanish language course.

Furthermore, the growth of a company depends on its task management abilities, and if the tasks are managed on time with successful outputs, you are left with no choice but to praise its leadership. Leadership plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of a company. And, running a the institute of short courses is no different!

Consider anything that happens at IPS in your best interest!

It means you can depend on us with your personal information.

Ordinarily, we follow a strict code of conduct and ethical representation on behalf of our students and clients from the first day forward.

Reigning the Throne of the BPO Industry

Professional outsourcing or outsourcing sales services have become a common phenomenon. On a tight budget, hiring and maintaining high-value resources in-house is a daunting task which leaves space for innovation and BPO services to play their part.

Whether you are looking to develop a powerful e-commerce website or a dedicated mobile application for an ERP, we push ourselves to achieve perfection in every task. Hence, you can expect an optimized version of the final product or service on any given day.

Back office processes and customer care services are two of the thriving sections. The focus has been on customers, to retain the current ones and to create a favorable environment for potential ones. Outsourcing as an industry serves a variety of departments such as procurement, human resource (HR) management, supply chain management, sales, digital marketing, customer service, healthcare IT and finance & accounting among others. Let's be the change and start happening!

The need for an in-house setup vanishes once you have a company like Information Process Solutions, Inc. onboard. We are the flavor of out-of-the-box thinking and have to offer an exuberant display of skills. 

Best Regards,

Information Process Solutions, Inc.