China-Pakistan friendship is said to be deeper than oceans and stronger than mountains. Over the years, this friendship has not remained just a close neighborhood tie but has extended to a billion-dollar investment in the form of CPEC, a mammoth project which is destined to change the face of South Asia in the world. The project has both demographic and strategic importance. It also acts as means of development and reduced unemployment rate in Pakistan. Thus, learning the Chinese language is inevitable for someone who wishes to dig deeper into a new dimension of opportunities.

The communication gap between Pakistanis and Chinese can become a big hurdle in our careers. Whether we want to work in a Chinese company, run a tourism agency or move to China, learning the Chinese language is one additional weapon in your demolition squad.

It will be a powerful addition to your arsenal of existing skills that will help you develop long-term professional relationships.

How we can help bridge the gap between two nationalities?

Our modern languages institute offers the Chinese language course among other short courses in Lahore for students, men and women of all ages. Age is literally just a number when you are on a mission to learn. We are just a call away and want to share with you the best experiences after becoming proficient in Chinese. A bright future is never far with IPS Unit of Education. Under the guidance of professional instructors, everyone gets to learn and pursue numerous fields both online and in real-time.

Basic, Advanced, Written, and HSK Levels 1-6 Chinese Courses

Chinese language course is divided into speaking, reading, and writing, offering something to the trained professionals as well as commoners. The course includes intensive practice sessions for fluency in speaking and listening.
At the end of each version of this course, you will have confidence to talk to Chinese people like you talk to people around you in the motherland. Flaunt these communication skills among your peers to have an edge over them. With accurate pronunciation and understanding of the basic concepts, command the status and recognition you deserve.

Why is it fun to learn at IPS Unit of Education?

  • Positive mindset

  • Airconditioned classrooms

  • Interactive lectures

  • Steady stream of communication

  • Questions and answers at every point of learning

  • Use of multimedia for conceptual understanding

Familiarization with the Chinese culture

We equip the students with efficient communication skills keeping in mind the rich Chinese culture. Unless the students are able to build a strong connection with Chinese traditions, they might not understand what’s being said or referred to in communication. That is how we prepare students at IPS Unit of Education by strengthening their belief in oral and written skills.

Course Content
Days: Monday through Friday
Timings: After 7:00 p.m.
Class Duration: 2 hours of class

Course Name Basic Business Chinese Advanced Business Chinese
Course Duration 2 Months 30,000/-
Course Charges 3 Months 35,000/-

Topics to be Covered in Oral Chinese

  • How to meet and greet

  • Introduction to different tones used in Chinese

  • Expressions used in a classroom + grammatically correct and incorrect sentences

  • How to thank a person and say goodbye

  • How to introduce ourselves in Chinese (useful in interviews)

  • Chinese grammar and its importance

  • Basic math expressions and counting numbers in Chinese

  • Cultural studies, different situations and how to react

  • How to talk about your occupation/workplace

  • How to ask permission for something or from someone

  • How to tell the time and weather conditions in Chinese

  • Learn about clothing + food phrases in everyday use

  • How to converse with a cab driver

  • Common phrases used while traveling and searching for a hotel

  • How to create your CV in Mandarin (the popular dialect)

  • Prepare for interviews with Chinese firms

  • Audio and video support to enhance understanding

Topics to be Covered in Written Chinese

  • Introduction to Pinyin and Chinese characters

  • Guidelines to produce intermediate and advanced level writing

  • Paragraph writing knowhow with examples

  • Historical importance and practical knowledge of written Chinese

  • How to compose flowing Chinese characters and make sense

  • Strokes and radicals

  • How to write text on cellphones and PCs

Get High Grades in HSK - Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – The Chinese proficiency test is an examination practice for non-native speakers and overseas Chinese.
People who are interested in moving to China or see a future with any CPEC project, HSK test is a must. Through various courses with distinct and precise objectives, with varying fee structure and course duration, we teach our students to get through all the levels with good grades.

HSK Level No. of Chinese Words Course Duration (Months) Charges
1 150 2 25,000/-
2 300 2 25,000/-
3 600 3 30,000/-
4 1200 3 30,000/-
5 2400 4 40,000/-
6 5000+ 5 50,000/-

*The HSK preparation classes are conducted three days a week. Your newly acquired competence in Chinese language will help you grab the opportunities at an international level and you can shine bright on the canvas. Give a boost to your market value by showing bilingual speaking skills and building a career out of it.

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