The SEO part of the SEO/Digital Marketing Course in Lahore 2019 arranges topics in an orderly fashion to promote widespread understanding of the concept. It consists of three primary portions - Introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Important definitions, and Search Engine Optimization History.

Search Engine Optimization Basics:

It has 3 subsections (SEO Basics - I, SEO Basics - II, and SEO Basics - III). It covers the basics of search engine optimization and will help you understand and implement search engine optimization techniques to your website.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization:

It has 2 subsections (Advanced SEO – I, Advanced SEO – II), each of which explains finer aspects of search engine optimization.

How does Google search work:

It will help you understand the functioning of Google Search – World’s most famous search engine.

How to create an SEO Strategy:

The section teaches you how to create an effective SEO strategy. It outlines aspects of a successful search engine optimization strategy.

Search queries and webmaster tools:

It has two subsections. The first section explains the use of search queries to improve your site’s ranking. The second section gives you a better understanding of using webmaster tools.

Small Websites and Startups:

It clears a few myths about SEO. It explains how small websites can become popular and give a tough time to those sitting at the top. Furthermore, it explores search engine optimization for startups and becomes an extensive SEO course in Lahore.

Mistakes and Best practices:

This section covers Common mistakes (and best practices) while optimizing your website for search. It has a short tutorial on search engine optimization mistakes and a few best practices recommended by Google

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