This course is designed to develop a strong foundation for students in terms of powerful visual communication. Students will learn to visualize the concepts, techniques of graphics and design, application of software like Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop for creating effective designs for print media, outdoor advertisement, and the web.
Businesses need professional graphic designers to attract potential customers. If you have a creative mind and artistic skills in hands, you can become a key player in any recognizable firm.
• Earn as a freelance artist and earn millions
• Affiliate with a media agency
• Designs logos for companies
• Become art director
Billboards, print media (magazines, newspaper ads), digital ads, images, memes, there are many fields to get into. Thus, pursue your dream of translating people’s visions into the screen. All you need is to enroll in a short course for graphic designing as the IPS Unit of Education and polish your skills.

Brief Contents:

Module 1 ( Fundamental of Graphic Designing)
• Introduction to Graphic Designing
• Photoshop Sizes and Dimensions
• Introduction to Pixels
• Difference between Vector and Pixel Software bits
• CMYK and RGB color codes
• Fundamentals of Layers Hiding
• Locking
• unlocking Naming
• deleting Layer Opacity and Undo

Module 2 (blending modes & Transformation)
• Layer Styles
• Shadow Effect
• Glow Effect
• Color Overlay
• Gradients Customization
• Gradient Installation
• New Gradients Pattern
• Stroke Scale
• Flip
• Rotation
• Angles Rearranging and Alignment-Free Transform

Module 3 (Essential Operation/Masking)
•Tools Brushes
• Healing Brushes
• Clone Stamp Patch Tool
• Slice Tool
• Background Removal Tracing by the Quick Tool
• Tracing by Pen Tool
• Clipping Mask
• Layer Mask and Free Transform

Module 4 (Typography in Photoshop)
• Text properties
• Text character, and paragraph Rasterized Text
• Text Clipping, Filters Warp Text
• Text Reflection like Mirror

Module 5 (Image Editing)
• Images Sizes
• Canvas Size Cropping
• Color Grading
• Brightness and Contrast Layer Modes
• Digital Makeup
• Image Manipulations
• Timeline Gif File Image Editing & Image Manipulations

Module 6 (Project Completion in Photoshop)
• Rules for printing
• Save for web
• Exporting Options
• Camera raw Tiff Files
• PNG & PSD files
• practical demonstration of making design

Adobe Illustrator

Module 7 ( Introduction to illustrator )
• Introduction to Illustrator
• Setting new document
• Illustrator Panels
• Direct Selection Tool
• Selection tools Fills and Strokes Objects
• Locks Layers in illustrator

Module 8 ( Operations in illustrator )
• Rotate
• Gradients Scale Free Transform
• Pathfinder Typography
• Typing Tool Masks and its types

Module 9 ( Working on Objects )
• Rulers Guides and Grids Working inside group isolation on object Locking and Hiding the artwork
• Mash Tool
• Blend Tool
• Radical Mash

Module 10 ( Tracing and Object Manipulan )
• Alignment and Distribution
• Reflecting Skewing Strokes Properties
• Styling Drop Shadows
• Anchor Point Tool
• Pen Tool Tracing and copying objects

Module 11 ( Art Board and Perspective)
• Appearance Panel
• Perspective Grid 3D Objects Art Board Tool

Module 12 ( Brushes Customization and final Art Work )
• Brushes and their properties
• Creating Logos/Banners/Flexes digital art/posters/etc.

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