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We teach English and Spanish languages at IPS language school each spanning over an 8-week long course.

Spanish is the third-largest spoken language in the world. Once you are fluent in Spanish, you get to experience a job at IPS or any US-based call center of your choice. It means you open yourself to several job opportunities after successful completion of this course.

Yes, we are, but we still have to achieve a lot to get to the top. We represent the finest faculty to train you in English with years of teaching experience in several countries. English language teaching focuses on your future in mind. If you pass this course in flying colors, consider yourself for a permanent position at the call center.

Yes, there is a diploma awarded at the end of each course. If you satisfy the requirements of the English course, which means your attendance is up to the mark and there are no inappropriate behavior issues, you get a certificate stamped and approved by IPS. To learn any language, passion is a prerequisite - the words need alignment with spirit to make sense.

Yes! Being able to speak English and Spanish helps in getting jobs in call centers. You can better communicate with foreign customers, and BPO companies want to hire those individuals who have command over these languages.

A SEO-friendly website or content is optimized with proper keyword placement and other techniques. Then, when a user searches for a related query, your business page is shown at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to click. This is what we do at IPS BPO, and via efficient SEO solutions, we bridge the gap between business and its customers.

The enrollment process is very easy. 1. Know about the course you want to enroll yourself in 2. Fill out the form, provided on the website with accurate information 3. Ask for an appointment. 4. An HR agent will get in touch with you with the relevant information 5. Or directly call to the number of IPS Language School 6. Pay tuition charges and get started with the language class

Yes! IPS Language School offers a pocket-friendly payment procedure. In three installments, you can pay for the language class.

Because it is important to sell products! A business makes profits when it sells products or services. That is what makes designing a worthy field. When you see a brochure or a web page, the images, logo and other graphics are the works of a graphic designer. Graphic designers work closely with marketing personnel and public relations staff.

Photoshop is the go-to software when we talk about graphic designing. Here at IPS UNI, we have the best in business because we want you to be the best in business. To be able to train you in the fundamentals of the software is part of the course. Let’s stop thinking and start learning. I tell you, practice is the key, and if you think you can practice tutorials, it gives you the winning edge.

Yes, there is! We offer “graphic designing for beginners” course at the start. It includes the basics of designing along with an introduction to the right tools. Before you begin swimming as a graphic artist, it is mandatory for you to learn to float. The beginners’ course is learning to float. It highlights the importance of planning and visualizing the creation ahead of the creation itself. Visit the teacher's section to see the faculty.

A short course that nurtures your ability to rise and become a skilled professional is worth looking into. That’s what IPS UNI offers at the heart of Lahore city – Al Hafeez Shopping Mall, Gulberg III. It is less of talking and more of practical knowledge – the knowledge that sustains your place in a real working environment. We not only equip you with efficient education but also ensure the gates of the corporate world remain open to you. You are able to deliver on a winning scale and earn a decent living.

Generally, people tend towards Google to learn web development. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy as there is so much information to grasp. Therefore, you need a teacher who guides you through important frameworks and helps you understand the basics, just like we have here at IPS UNI. Web development is divided into two categories. If you enjoy problem-solving, you should go for back-end development. If you have an eye for aesthetics, fancy effects, and layouts, you should learn front-end development.

Developers work with many frameworks. Each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages. But, the most famous ones are Angular, React, Laravel, Django, Rails, and Vue. Each framework is best for different sets of functionalities.

Everything is turning digitalized and computer-based due to less inaccuracy rate. From shopping to booking tickets online, you need smartphones and the Internet to get the job done. Therefore, the demand for computer-related jobs is increasing day by day. From online retailing shops, clothing sites, informational websites, online forms, to discussion forums, everything is done via websites. Thus, having knowledge of programming languages and development tools have a place in every field.

Website optimization is also known as SEO. It refers to all the procedures that are done in order to rank the website higher on Google. It includes keyword placement in content, editing image tags, meta tags, and many other things to ensure its easy access to the search engine.

The coding expertise converts data to a graphical interface for users to interact and view it in a digital environment. It involves the use of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Wikipedia has everything on it. The sooner you join IPS UNI, the sooner you start learning. It is a one-stop destination for technical minds to explore their true potential. Register today 042-36400659

Since the job requires the presence of specific skills, we carry the most suitable faculty members to teach the subject. Not only there is a need for such individuals in the current market, but when we are done with you, emerging organizations will not waste a second to hire you.

When you talk about creating a website, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery breathe life into it. Nothing beats the effectiveness of learning the three coding mechanisms. They can give you the desired product any day. We have on our panel resources that are well versed in these structures. Come in for accurate learning and get hired.

Yes, there is! As a graphic designer, when you complete the front-end development course, you are well on your way to become a front-end developer. However, practice makes you perfect. As long as you don’t stop and keep at it, the coding sense takes over and it is smooth sailing afterward. Practically building a site from scratch is part of the course with guidance at every step. Question is... are you ready to multiply your income?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Since Google outranks other search engines, SEO means getting a better rank in Google. However, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Baidu are among popular search engines but they don't have as much reach as Google. SEO enables businesses to be found on Google. When customers type in specific keywords, they want to see the best results against them. That is what you will be doing, enabling a website to rank on Google for those keywords. Enroll now to start.

A question we hear regularly. It is vital for businesses today because everything goes through Google first. If you are not working on Google, your digital efforts may all just be in vain. The people who search for stuff on Google, and get a chance to visit your website, as a result, means your business found a new potential customer. It is huge because now you have a chance to sell. Entrepreneurs, businessmen, and passionate individuals have a chance to show their true worth through this course.

That is the gist of search engine marketing (SEM). A good dose of SEO combines with PPC management campaigns to take your business forward. Truth be told, it is high time to apply heterogeneous strategies. Nothing is as simple as it was 10 years ago, and as we go through 2019 and years to follow, we need a strong Pay-Per-Click plan combined with regular SEO tasks to stand out from the crowd. Let's start with them.

If you are fed up of blocked accounts and campaigns never returning from the review stage, it is time to join IPS UNI for foolproof methods. That’s right! The accomplished faculty comprises of digital marketers laced with practical knowledge of running profitable PPC management campaigns. Since you are part of IPS as a graduating candidate, we want you to run AdWords like a pro. Come on in and start learning.

Because of the growth of social media channels, digital marketing helps reach the target audience. To multiply the number of customers and to see more people engaging with your brand is indeed motivating.

The allocated time is 8 weeks for each course which is approximately 2 months. In order to complete it in flying colors, don’t fall short of attendance or skip lectures. If you are absent, make sure to collect as much data as you can the next day from your course mates. As far as learning is concerned, it depends on you. If you are eager to learn and have the passion to excel, nothing can stop you from standing out.

There are a couple of views on it. Below is the list of most effective digital marketing techniques. • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – It involves the use of both PPC and SEO • Social Media Marketing – In the age of digital media, it is unwise to skip the importance of social media. • Email Marketing – It involves sending out emails in bulk. Learn a bit about each of the above strategies at IPS UNI.

Many digital marketing jobs are open for the right candidates. Jobs such as: • Digital Marketing Manager – Oversee both paid and organic campaigns • Content Strategist – Creates and executes a plan for content creation • SEM Specialist – dedicates their time on search engines • Email Marketing Specialist – oversees email blasts • SEO Executive – manages the daily SEO related tasks • Social Media Marketer – oversees social media posts on a daily basis; comes up with ideas for them. • Internet of Things Marketing Strategist – the latest of technology titles