Arabic language speaking and writing are two different things. Our training program is equipped to handle both the forms in an interactive manner.

According to Google, around 260 million people speak Arabic around the world as their first language. Therefore, its learning potential is high besides the usage as a business language.

Language in Arabic is one of the most-searched key phrases online which means the language has a deep impact on the lives of many people. It only increases our curiosity to learn and develop a sense of understanding of the language.

Learn the Arabic Language to Jumpstart Your Career

Whether you are new to the language or have been studying it for a while, we rely on set principles to convey the message as clearly as possible. Moreover, Arabic opens doors to numerous opportunities, for example, Arabic to English translators are high in demand both locally and internationally.

LinkedIn could be one of the platforms where companies publish jobs related to Arabic for both speaking and writing.

What Options Do I Have After Completing the Arabic Program?

This is one question that hits everyone before starting in any field. We are in search of success all the time and looking for ways to accomplish it is not uncommon. The Arabic language course prepares you for success in more than one way, i.e. there are many fields you can choose to adopt after this course. As a passionate learner with a bit of hard work, achieving milestones isn’t difficult through this language.

After polishing skills at the IPS Unit of Education, you can open the following doors:

  • Become an Arabic to English translator

  • An interpreter

  • Find a position in the foreign service department

  • A linguistics teacher

  • Tutor online to students across the world

So, there is a wide range of options waiting for you on the other side once you pass successfully through the program. The best way to learn Arabic online is through us. Why?

Because we have the finest instructors available who, humbly, keep on training the students until they, finally, have a good grip on it.

Course Outline

Topics & Vocabulary

1. Basic greetings and introductions

  • Countries and saying where you are from

  • Describing things

  • Ordering drinks and snacks

  • Describing where things are

  • Describing characteristics and places

  • Asking for directions and transportation

  • Talking about yourself and your family

  • Counting numbers week days

  • Talking about Jobs and occupations

2. Grammar

  • Plurals

  • Using adjectives

  • Feminine and masculine usage

  • Possessive attached pronouns

  • Nouns in definite and indefinite form

  • Simple questions What’s this? Whose is it? Where is …

3. Cultural Content: Introduction to Arabic Culture

  • People at home and in public places

  • Everyday polite language, everyday religious expressions

  • Arabic as an international language and dialect

  • Food and culture

  • Arabic Hospitality

4. Skills Work

  • The Arabic alphabet, reading and writing

  • Special emphasis on unfamiliar sounds, weak and strong, short and long sounds

  • Joining letters to make up words and phrases

  • Listening comprehension

  • Practical drills to learn reading and writing and the alphabet

The Schedule

  • Course Title: Arabic Language Training

  • Classes will occur 5 days a week Monday through Friday

  • Course duration: 8 weeks

  • Fee for the entire course is PKR 8,000

  • Assessments: Formative n Summative, Final Exam

  • Certificate of Completion will be awarded at the end of the course

*The time table is tentative and can be changed.

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