In this project based course you will learn to develop interactive and responsive websites and front-end web development of a enterprise application. It includes HTML5 and CSS3 for creating beautiful web pages; JavaScript & jQuery for more interactive and rich Web UI; BootStrap for developing responsive and elegant websites.

Brief Contents

Module 1 (HTML)
• Introduction Web Development, HTML, HTML5 & IDEs
• Basics of HTML & CSS and HTML Headings, Paragraphs & Images
• HTML Text Formatting, Links, Entities and Inline vs Block Level Elements
• HTML Lists: Unordered List, Ordered List and Description List
• iframe to Display Web-Pages from other Websites on your Website
• Detailed Overview of HTML5 and HTML5 Semantic Elements
• Using Audios and Videos on Websites using HTML5 Elements
• Creating Forms to Collect Data from Users using HTML5 & CSS3

Module 2 (CSS3)
• Creating and Using CSS Styles: Inline CSS, Internal CSS & External CSS
• Using CSS3 Styles with div, p, span etc. for Creating Beautiful Web Pages
• CSS3 Box-Model: Padding, Margin, Outline, Border, Background
• CSS3 Floating, Positioning, Overflow, Image-Opacity and Image-Sprites
• CSS3 Media Queries in Detail & Creating fully Responsive Web Pages

Module 3 (BOOTSTRAP 5)
• Introduction to BootStrap 5 and BootStrap 5 Grid System in Detail
• BootStrap 5 Typography, Tables, Images, Thumbnails and Buttons
• BootStrap 5 for Creating Elegant Forms for Collecting User Data
• BootStrap 5 Jumbotron, Tooltips, Popovers, Alerts, Spinners & Badges
• BootStrap 5: Navs, Navbars, Menus, Tabs, Dropdown and Collapse
• BootStrap 5 Pagination, Modals, Cards, Image Carousel and Scrollspy

• JavaScript Statements, Expressions, Conditions and Loops
• JavaScript Objects, Functions, Arrays and Events
• Working with Numbers, Strings, and Dates in JavaScript
• Testing and Debug a JavaScript Applications
• Create object-oriented JavaScript applications
• Using Regular Expressions, Handling Exceptions and Validating Data
• Events, Images, and Timers, Closures, Callbacks and Recursion
• JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript Applications

Module 5 (JQUERY)
• Selecting and Manipulating DOM Elements with jQuery
• jQuery AJAX Calls ( load(), get(), post(), ajax(), getJSON(), getScript() )
• Handling Responses of AJAX Call in Plain Text, HTML and JSON format

Training Methodology
• Lectures & Demos by industry experts
• Project Driven Hands-On approach
• Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
• Projects, assignments & quizzes for student’s evaluation

• Students & Graduates of Computer Science & Information Technology
• Students & Graduates of any other discipline looking for future in IT
• Web Designers interested in learning Website Development
• Any other person willing to learn Website Development

Course Project
Participants of our front-end development short course in Lahore should develop a commercial level website using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and BootStrap 4. Course instructor and lab trainers will help you in completing this project.

• IPSUNI Certified Front-End Web Developer
• MCP : Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript &CSS3

Duration & Frequency
• 2.5 Months (10 weeks; with 3 training sessions of 1.5 hours a week)  

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