Why We Need Vocational Training Institutes in Pakistan?

Why We Need Vocational Training Institutes in Pakistan?

17 Jun 2020 IPSUNI 0 General

Success lies in intense training and smart skills that help comprehend issues via analytical thinking and devise a solution with technical capability. Modern language institutes have the same mission to equip students with technical skills for a successful career.

The idea of education is to allow individuals to think, ponder upon their interests, and make a living out of it. Unfortunately, the essence of training and learning is lost. Students go to schools to get a degree, and these institutes have turned nothing but a system to promote cramming.

Even if you see successful people around the globe, there is one thing common, the passion to learn practical skills. Instead of going for traditional learning methods, allowing students to gain practical knowledge makes them more proficient.

The Current Education System

Today’s education system doesn’t support the vocational training institutes’ culture. It believes in the socio-economic pattern that knits students in closely bound theoretical education. It gauges a number of concepts than a student’s aptitude.

The curriculum is orthodox. There are improper facilities. The mainstream education system needs instant and practical tweaking to stay progressive for the working class in Pakistan. Short course institutes are, therefore, deemed as of high importance.

Does it imply that College Degree is Not Important?

Many people would debate whether educational institutes in Pakistan are not worthy. Do they not help students in any sort?

Different people have different learning styles and different interests. Some thrive well in workshops, while others are comfortable in traditional classrooms.

Fairly speaking, not many students can afford to learn via a 4-year degree program. Many of them leave universities mid-year. And, at the end of their session, how many students believe that they have actually learned something to build their life around. The majority of hiring managers also think that young graduates have a lot of skill gaps required for practical life.

Then, what is the point of our educational system when there are so much money and time to waste? When students graduate, they start as an internee to gain experience of how things work in the corporate world. Besides, they are not hired on a salary that is mostly associated with their degree. Thus, a 4-year degree program caters to only a selected audience.

All we say is while traditional education helps gather bookish knowledge, modern language institutes fill the gaps between bookish knowledge and practical skills.

Vocational training institutes make students not only learn their interest but also highlights the latest trends. These courses are generally, not very expensive, and can be completed in minimum time. Students learn to deal with real-world challenges and can see opportunities for lucrative careers.

Hired graduates don’t have just college or university degrees. They are skilled and confident to achieve their goals via short courses and practical training.

We believe investing in short courses in Lahore is a great investment for any kid, w who wishes for success.

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I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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