The Truth about Online Short Courses: Some Common Myths Busted!

The Truth about Online Short Courses: Some Common Myths Busted!

16 Sep 2020 Admin 0 General

The Internet has become the most commonly used medium of communication in the modern world. Education is no exception that has shifted its gears towards technology and digitalization for student’s training.

Short course institutes, therefore, have realized the advantages of online courses to better educate individuals. Classroom discussions, feedback sessions, course materials, everything is accessible to us via our smartphones or digital devices as laptops.

People think online learning is not quantifiable

This myth holds no substantial evidence as you would know that online material is accessible to instructors even at the comfort of their homes. They can easily rate student’s performance and guide them properly.

"Another myth that allows students to hesitate from taking online short courses is that online learning doesn’t qualify for quality education."

Of course not! Online education doesn’t make any person a loser. Many individuals are abided by their job responsibilities and are unable to commit to physical classes. These online classes give them ease to learn new methods and technologies to excel in a career without having to go anywhere.

The teacher doesn`t focus on the student`s progress

This misconception is false but anything. In online short courses, teachers' focus is not distracted to thirty other students. The instructor can pay attention to each student easily, and the modern language institute ensures that no student feels neglected. That’s why they have a proper compliant system such as we have at the IPS Unit of Education.

Our representatives stay in touch with the enrollees, listen to their concerns, and respond to their queries at the earliest.

Online Short Courses are not the same as the Physical Courses

We have told this before, and we will say this at every forum. Online short courses are the same as the physical short courses. Research is made on the Internet. Assignments are made on the digital medium. Communication is easy on the Internet.  There is no aspect where you can see any difference between the two.

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