IPS Uni’s Guide: 3 Tips to Improve English Speaking

IPS Uni’s Guide: 3 Tips to Improve English Speaking

03 Mar 2021 IPSUNI 0 English

English speakers are found all around the globe. Even if English is not a native language in any country, you will still find English speakers there. It has become one of the easiest and comfortable communication mediums. It also serves to open opportunities for millions of people.

Why do we say that? Because a person who is capable of speaking fluent English tends to interact confidently. It is the reason why short course institutes are getting popular in Pakistan.

Why Should Pakistanis Focus on Learning English Language?

We, being a developing nation, have a rising economy. Many multinational companies are interested in investing in our business sector. However, the common language between all countries seems to be English. So, it’s obvious that if you are not able to speak this language, you might not convert prospects in your favor. Therefore, learning the English language is a must in today's global and digital environment.

However, learning to communicate is not a child’s play. A student requires hard work, efforts to practice, a few simple tricks, a qualified instructor, and most likely an enrollment in a professional English language short course.

Given below are some of the few tips that can be useful for all English learners. Let’s check them out!

Make Mistakes

While learning the English language, one thing is certain that you will make many mistakes. These may be of pronunciation or wrong grammatical structure. However, don’t be fearful of making mistakes. People around you can only correct your mistakes when they hear you. Thus, making mistakes is a good sign for you. It means you’re learning.

Most instructors at short courses make their students practice speaking via interactive sessions. This approach boosts students’ confidence, and instructors can gauge which student requires more attention.

Surround Yourself with English Speakers

Surround yourself with people who speak English well. Only then you’ll get over the hesitancy of speaking English in public. Moving in an English-speaking environment has quite a positive impact. It enables you to learn passively. You can catch on to new vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.

English language institutes give you such an environment where students are encouraged to speak with each other in English. In this way, communication becomes smooth and effective.

Enroll in an English Language Short Course

No matter what, the best way to learn English is through an English language course. The way a teacher can guide their students has no substitute. Yes! There are YouTube channels that promise to teach you to speak in English, but they are just not enough. You certainly need a one-on-one training session where concepts are easier to grasp.

Besides, you will also get to practice the former two tips easily when you enroll in a short course.


In the process of learning something, we all need guidance. Therefore, teachers can guide us through our mistakes to a professional level that we all strive to achieve. Just like at the IPS Unit of Education where qualified instructors teach students with apt English speaking practices. At the end of the course, not only you’ll be able to speak confidently but also get a token of accomplishment in the form of a certificate.

And, who knows you might end up getting an executive position in a top-notch company with your speaking skills.



I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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