10 Reasons to Join the Spanish Language Course at IPS Uni

10 Reasons to Join the Spanish Language Course at IPS Uni

26 Mar 2020 IPSUNI 0 Spanish

Spanish is one of the most popular languages, having almost 20 million students, around the world. The language sounds beautiful, is widely used, and features many benefits, which combine to form one hell of a language. However, for those of us who need a touch more persuasion, here are ten reasons to choose Spanish as a second language at the IPS Unit of Education.

Note: We write this article at the time of great despair when the world suffers and searches for a vaccine against coronavirus. COVID-19 poses a threat and a challenge to humanity as we speak. As of now, the whole world is in a state of emergency with major cities on lockdown mode. Our condolences to those who have lost their lives to this outbreak and sincerest gratitude to those who are fighting it. IPS Unit of education believes; humanity will prevail in the end.      

  • Majority is Authority

According to many surveys, Spanish is the maternal language of around 400 million people, which is six percent of the world’s population. Not only does it have a huge acceptance level around the globe, but it is the language of both expression and character. Being the second most-spoken language in the world, when measured by native speakers, it easily ranks above English.

It is the official language in 20 different countries, and about 550 million people speak Spanish – that includes both natives and non-natives.

  • The Language of the Future

In terms of its popularity, Spanish has all the attention it can get with increased number of people trying to perfect them as Spanish speakers. A report recently published by the British Council ranked Spanish as the most meaningful second language for the British, placing it above French, Arabic, and Mandarin, which makes it more powerful.

  • Boost Your Employment Prospects

In today’s global marketplace, knowledge of a second language is often a particularly valuable asset for employers and employees alike. Modern businesses are always keen to acquire staff members who can help them with international trade, and, thus, the handiness of the Spanish language. Moreover, its use in the call center industry is one of its undeniable advantages.

The Spanish language holds enormous potential for companies to tap into, and research shows that some Spanish speaking countries are excellent marketplaces.  

  • Expand Your Travel Portfolio

Travel takes us to places often in a truly enriching way. We associate most of our adventures and thrills to traveling expeditions. Such experiences leave a lasting impact and become part of our unforgettable memory section for years to come.

By learning Spanish, we get to be among the Spanish or any country that speaks Spanish. It is like entering into a new world of experience and opportunity. Despite the initial learning barriers, we get to understand and communicate, eventually, to step onto a journey that is alive, friendly, and fulfilling period.

  • Study or Work Abroad

To leave your country either for work or education offers an experience of a lifetime. It is refreshing, and, if I say a brilliant career move, I won't be wrong. You get to work in a Spanish company; If you talk particularly about the merits of learning the Spanish language.

To fully appreciate and explore the cultural integrity; a short courses in Lahore goes a long way. It allows us to embrace the real beauty of it. With language skills, not only do we discover traditions or speak to the locals, but we also get to know the true nature of the place. Sometimes time spent overseas has many fond memories to offer and may just boost our resume.

  • Resort to Entertainment Avenues

Many of the simplest feature films in the past 30 years were produced in Spanish, and, although they're available with English subtitles, watching the films in their original form is the best way to enjoy them.

Of course, a number of the simplest Spanish films, and TV shows aren't available with subtitles, so learning Spanish exposes us to an entirely new range of entertainment. 

  • Bilingual People Experience Several Health Benefits

A study by the University of California, San Diego, found a correlation between language proficiency and human health. Thus, language learning benefits continue to impress us, and they are not even restricted to a certain language.

  • Spanish is Comparatively Simple to Select

Compared to several other languages, Spanish is fairly simple for an English speaker to select up, as long as they are willing to place the trouble in. The language doesn't require students to find out a new alphabet order, and there is less emphasis on tone than many of the Asian languages.

In truth, English has many words that stem from Latin, very similar to Spanish, which suggests a number of the words are similar. Hence, there is fair chance for students to get the pronunciation right the first time.

  • Improve the Grasp of Your Mother Tongue

Studies have demonstrated that learning a second language can improve a student’s grasp of their maternal language. Once you dig deeper; it makes complete sense as acquiring a second language requires an individual to think twice about linguistic theory or the rules.

For example, when learning Spanish, you'll be able to pay particular attention to syntax. The result; once you revert to your language, the gradual command in syntax will help you write more complicated and interesting sentences. This is often believed to flow from the new-found attention to detail to syntax.

  • Spanish is Fun

Finally; perhaps the most exciting reason to show interest in a language is its words. The joy of learning new words to speak in everyday situations is highly motivating initially. Later come the understanding and communication part. 

Spanish is particularly enjoyable and rewarding in this regard – a language that relies on the expression of thoughts rather than keeping them under a lid. As you become fluent in the language, it provides you with an unrivaled feeling of accomplishment along with serious benefits for the rest of your life.

So, let's start



I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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