Learning English Language: Online Tutorials vs. Real-Time Classrooms

Learning English Language: Online Tutorials vs. Real-Time Classrooms

19 Jul 2019 IPSUNI 0 English

Many of us, who wish to pursue call center services for our career, know one thing. If they're not able to speak English confidently, an English language course is the only hope.

However, the question remains if learning via an online short course generates better results or enrolling in a real-time English language course gives better outcomes?

Well! We believe that learning English in an interactive environment helps to grip the language more efficiently and leaves no room for shyness.

The Benefits of English Language Course

Going for a tangible class session to learn the English language offers an environment of comprehensive study. When there is a group of people motivated to learn something collaboratively, the air fills with enthusiasm, which is not possible when people study alone.

Learning the Latest Practices Become Easy

Professional instructors, who teach students in a proper class setting in a short course, don't just teach the basics or core of the subject. They also guide through the most prevalent practices of the industry. Similarly, in a professional English language course, students not only know the fundamentals of English speaking but also learn accurate pronunciation and sentence structuring.

Generally, the way instructors teach at short courses institute is not textbook-based. Many other constructive activities, such as group discussions and presentations, provide an unshaken base for advanced communication skills.

This trick even works for individuals, who face problems in focusing their attention while learning.

The Use of Audio/Visual Aids

Mainstream modern language institutes teach through audio and visual aids. The idea is to help students grasp concepts efficiently in an English language course.

Online tutorials facilitate video/audio content. However, they offer a fixed idea. If a student comes across an issue, a computer screen can't listen and respond accordingly to their query.


By registering in an English language course, students can listen to a new idea, collaborate, and discuss with peers. It helps them to learn English faster with a sense of originality in the content. On the contrary, online tutorials might seem like an appropriate option than enrolling in a short courses institute. However, they never satisfy student's queries nor provide with interactive learning perspective.

At IPS Uni, we teach students with a similar idea of interactive and smart learning. Our focus is to facilitate students in every possible way via our English language classes, so they go through personal development and use skills for career advancement.


I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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