Hard Skills Are As Important as Technical Skills for Success

Hard Skills Are As Important as Technical Skills for Success

13 May 2020 IPSUNI 0 English

When you’re a student, the practical life seems every interesting and hopeful. Having a degree and a tag of a famous college in your CV is all you need to excel in a career, this is the thinking of most of our graduates, right?

However, the corporate business world thinks otherwise. Around fifty percent of the hiring managers think that young graduates are not prepared to work in companies. In fact, some of them think that they might be under skilled despite having a reasonable educational background.

In technical terms, this action is known as the skill gap.

What is Skill Gap?

It is the difference between the actual skills and the skills that employers want in their employees. This is the vision that we have at the IPS Unit of Education as an institute of modern languages. We not only aim to train students with excellent communication skills and technical knowledge but with other important skills to handle the pressure.

What are these other skills? Let's follow-through.

Hard Skill Set

Hard skills refer to the skills that can be measured like typing, reading, math, ability to read computer programs, and more.

These skills are not taught in schools and colleges but are equally important for someone’s success, in fact even more crucial for success. As a matter of fact, talented qualified people lacking in these skills often face difficulties in progressing.

Ability to Write

Around forty-four percent of human resource management representatives state that most of the job-seeking graduates lack writing proficiency.

The modern corporate culture requires employees to write well because of more and more communication taking place on emails and other applications.

There is this tip for job-seeking individuals to have a grammatically correct and well-written CV to demonstrate their writing skills to the hiring managers.

Public Speaking Skill

Public speaking doesn’t mean speaking only in front of an auditorium, but general communication with everyday clients comes under the same category.

The fear of public speaking is more crucial than we think. Even while giving presentations, students can’t speak properly in schools and colleges, and this fear carries on throughout practical life. Speech anxiety makes students suffer during their careers, and managers think that this skill is missing in most of our students.

Job seeking individuals can practice some common questions beforehand the interview and try to speak confidently. We suggest making use of gestures like eye contact and maintaining a confident body language. Highlight your experiences that suggest your public speaking skills.

Data Analysis

Companies in general need employees, who can gather data, analyze, and establish a report on how to improve performance.

Stats show that thirty-six percent of the managers felt that most of the candidates lacked highly in this skill.

We suggest candidates modify their CVs as per the job description and highlight particularly those areas that match the relevant or required expertise. Explicitly state all of the skills so your capability can be measured accurately.

IPS Unit of Education is the modern language institute where students learn all the necessary skills apart from the technical education that helps them succeed in careers. If you want to know the difference between bookish and actual technical education, we welcome you to join our classes.

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I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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