How to Boost Productivity for Online Short Courses: Instructors’ Guide

How to Boost Productivity for Online Short Courses: Instructors’ Guide

08 Jul 2020 IPSUNI 0 General

During the Quarantine session, online short courses in Lahore are particularly getting popular, and therefore online instructors are quite busy these days. With the mission to manage students, update courses, and give online lectures, they are already a hand full.

However, truth be told, nobody works with 100% efficiency throughout the working hours. According to research by vouchercloud, an average worker is only productive for two hours and fifty-three minutes over the span of eight hours. Of course, by applying some useful tips, the productivity rate can be increased.

Knowing how to improve efficiency and getting the done day with completing every task will give a sense of accomplishment. There isn’t really a formula that fits everybody, but there are many digital instructors, who have shared their productivity tips.

They might help you to double the working speed. Keep going!

The founder of The Passive Project, Gemma Bonham-Carter advises to set goals and prioritize tasks.

She states that in the modern world, we have access to several strategies and in order to try them, we end up mixing up several different strategies that might not necessarily end up together.

Thus, prioritize your goals and see if anything contributes to that objectives, if not, chop them out. You’ll get faster results.

The founder of Breanna Gunn Enterprises, LLC, Breanna Gunn says that it is important to set realistic timelines for any course launch/relaunch.

When you set a realistic period for any task, you focus on your business growth rather than just accomplishing tasks.  This way you revamp, redesign, and focus on improving quality and ends up impacting lives in a positive manner.

The Founder of the REV MED online medical education platform, Syed M. Rizvi says that in order to increase productivity, an instructor must be able to grasp everything to the related topic.

For years, he has managed to research well over the topic, look into the pattern of instructors’ teaching styles, course content, understand why students are not comprehending the concept, simplifying it to the core, take suggestions from students about the topic, and then design the course content. He then presents it to the students and redesigns it, if it needs any changes. This keeps him motivated throughout the course. Thus, the preparation of any task keeps you going through the task, and the instructors of IT and language short courses should know exactly what they are going to teach their students.

Joe Staiber – CEO and Founder of Staiber Consulting, a digital marketing agency says that thinking clearly about any task or course is imperative for success.

 Not just thinking but scheduling your tasks, making pointers of what to do next, and holding yourself accountable for not doing something is the best way possible to ensure success in online short courses.

When you put effort without much thinking, there is a chance to miss important steps and regret later. Besides, planning for straight up 8 hours leaves you burned out. Therefore, take necessary breaks and go at a consistent pace.

If you’re running an online training institute in Lahore, we hope you get motivated with these tips and educate your students efficiently without stressing out!

IPS Unit of Education is an institute of short courses in Lahore, where we equip students with vocational skills to build a career for themselves.  Contact us to see what course suits your needs!



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