Anatomy of 4-Year Programs vs. Short Courses in Lahore

Anatomy of 4-Year Programs vs. Short Courses in Lahore

09 Mar 2020 IPSUNI 0 General

As a student one might compare the two programs at some point in time. The resulting thoughts may leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere, or otherwise. It depends on how we think and what we know. 

In this article, we have gathered our views and of the experts and comprehensively presented them. It also speaks of the dynamics and what benefits are there for students concerning both the career choices.

The Premier, Imran Khan, often says that his government will empower the weak, and raise their statuses to a level they can live like respectable citizens. People would look up to them instead of belittling them.  

Mr. Prime Minister clearly knows the importance of short courses in Lahore because raising the status of the poor in a short time is highly likely through them. That’s right and TEVTA is the body to implement them. 

Not only does IPS Uni teaches them, but people from across the city are conducting technical courses in Gulberg, Lahore. Let's understand some logical statements together.

Short Courses Cost Less

Presently, at the time of inflation, citizens of the country have their plates full. Although the government promises to overcome this current layer of inflation, it will take some time to reach there.

Technical courses in Lahore are pretty much happening across the country through the efforts of individuals, organizations, and governments (Provincial & Federal).

Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to be in a 4-year program. Most of us don’t have the resources to study in universities. And, even if we do, we don't have the grades to study in one. Universities like LUMS or IBA Karachi, the graduates of which, don’t have to suffer at the hands of unemployment are hard to get in.

In comparison, the institutes of modern languages in Lahore accommodate students from different backgrounds without asking much of them financially. A modern language institute like ours provides the skills of language learning such as English, Spanish, Arabic, and online Quran training to them.

The 4-year programs clearly take four years of your precious life to produce the finished product. And this slow and gradual process of learning is beneficial to the growth of individuals mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. However, if some of us are short of time and resources, we have an alternative in the form of short courses. Short courses in Lahore have tremendous potential for growth, career-building, and job acquisition.

Whether one is in a 4-year university program or undergoing a short course in Gulberg, socially they have so much to gain. Both environments offer plenty of room to socialize with friends and instructors in collaborative mode.

If I say that these learning places are hubs to socialize, communicate and organize our lives for the future, I won’t be wrong. Educational institutes are distribution centers of experiences, knowledge, and etiquette for the learners. If we fail to grab one thing, we are sure to adopt another. Therefore, nobody loses and everybody wins in the end.

A discussion with Mr. Taaseen Tariq, an expert in science subjects such as mathematics and physics at IPS Uni, was quite expressive while talking to us.

On our question that whether the freshly passed out intermediate students should enroll in short courses or not? He replied: “Why not! There is a lot to learn from these short courses because some of them directly relate to their future subjects. Courses related to Linear Algebra, Circuit Codes, and Differential Equations would help the engineers be more proficient and be conceptually strong.”

We also caught up with Mr. Noman Baig, an aspiring young professional, and a future computer programmer, and got a chance to record his views too.

On the same question, he said: “We can’t have too much education because the cup of knowledge has always room for more. We can keep adding to it as much as we like. For me, an admission in the digital marketing course is enlightening because I get to learn and earn at the same time. The course is a hot commodity these days, and my advice to students is to think ahead and acquire modern skills.”

Mr. Fahad Sheikh, an experienced graphic designer at IPS and an instructor, gave us insights into the anatomy of short courses by saying: “Short courses such as graphic designing are a way out for students, business owners, and professionals. They get to be skillful by learning a new art while applying it for an improved present.”

Education was not originally meant to land jobs; it was meant to broaden our minds and enlighten us as we walk through life. However, in 2020, the whole outlook has changed. We expect to get hired by the end of those strenuous four years, and the same is the case with short courses. To want physical manifestation from what we’ve learned isn’t wrong, but it should’ve been something that comes automatically with it rather than a primary objective.

Before we go into a philosophical debate, I’d like to add that both the pathways have extraordinary employment potential as long as you are skilled. I stress the word “skilled” because that is what the companies want.

The word skilled, as I have observed, has been used with computer experts for a long time. A computer short course can include a digital marketing course, SEO short course, web development course, graphic designing course, or MS Office course for that matter. It completes in about a couple of months. 

A person with the support of a 4-year degree program is bound to get a job after years of struggle and hard work. The job usually starts with an internship as it has been the norm for so many years. But I would say, don’t fret to those who don’t have the convenience to join them; short courses in Lahore 2020 are an ideal platform to launch careers.

A student is happy as long as he or she gets to apply all those useful skills. The medium or the path they chose in the acquisition of those skills doesn’t matter. As a skilled person myself, I highly recommend a short course in Gulberg at IPS Uni to get up to speed with the world as it happens.



I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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