A Guide to Learning Front-End Development

A Guide to Learning Front-End Development

11 Oct 2019 IPSUNI 0 Front End Development

The front-end development course can be tricky to start with. It is a branch of coding or programming that demands the person to be technically sound in creating user-friendly layouts. That’s right! 

A technical person figures a way to install a new light bulb at an early age when an old one refuses to work. You may think of this person as someone who is good at mathematics and solves difficult calculations without the help of a calculator. 

I know I can’t.

Why Go For Development Short Course?

If you’re street smart and haven’t found a way to prove to the world yet, now is your chance to do that via a short course. When a person starts learning front-end development, they register their names in history among the list of developers, let’s say for Google, Microsoft, Apple, and giants like Amazon. 

Therefore, it is a big deal to be in pursuit of a short course in web development.

What IPS Uni's Web Development Course Offers You?

What you see on the face of websites is what you will learn in this short course. 

Front-end developers are responsible for what we see on a page, such as its interface and the layout. They enjoy good salaries with perks, and they improve with years of experience under their belt. Once you’re through with the short course at the IPS Unit of Education, you receive a certificate of completion. It is proof of your hard work and clarification of tough concepts that you came across during the course.

What is front-end development?

It is a process in which a developer applies web designs and content related to different segments of the web page by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Web design is how a website looks, while front-end development is the implementation of that design on the web. Short courses in Lahore pose hope for the youth and unemployed individuals of Pakistan.

Therefore, web developers have to work closely with graphic designers. The companionship continues as long as the website stays under construction. Content is added where needed to make it purposeful. 

These developers were previously called ‘client-side developers’ to differentiate from the server-side developers. Server-side or back-end development deals with everything that happens behind the scenes, such as databases. In simple terms, what is visible on a webpage is attributed to front-end developers, and what you don’t see goes to the name of back-end developers.

Expect to learn a bunch of skills

To learn front-end development, a bunch of skills is necessary. For instance, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

When you are about to learn front-end development, don’t let the excitement settle because the passion to learn and excel comes from excitement. The more passionate you are, the better it is. It helps you go further and ahead of others. Whatever code you write as a front-end developer in your short course classes gets executed at the user’s browser as opposed to the back-end developer whose code executes at the server.


HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and it is quite easy to learn. Next is CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Both these elements are vital in learning front-end development and an active part of any web development course. The good news is that they can be covered in a couple of weeks. The design, colors, and formatted text you see on a webpage are attributed to HTML and CSS. To take it a step further, HTML5 is the version that is up and running these days.

Once you have a grip on these two subjects, you can build basic websites for clients. Learn HTML at the IPS Unit of Education by registering in our next batch. In 8 to 10 weeks, after successful completion of the course, you become eligible for the front-end web development certification.


JavaScript is the third most vital aspect of learning front-end development. By using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS), you can add multiple functionalities to a web application or a web page. It grants innovation to the page. For example, Pinterest executes JS so that it doesn’t have to reload every time we pin something.

Despite your development career plans, it is super beneficial to learn JS because it is the most running programming language in the world.

Why Choose a Professional Course?

Be part of the front-end development course and earn a certificate in the end.

Those who have made up their mind for a front-end development course by a vocational training institute can touch base with the IPS Unit of education. 


By adopting the above set of techniques, we can learn front-end development in the true sense. We have tried to make it simple for students, professionals, men, and women who want to try a career in web development. There are many institutes of short courses in Lahore disclosing such courses. 

However, one that builds concepts through practical means is the one you’re looking for. The decision to choose an institute rests in your hands but to get ahead and make a name for you depends on your fate.

A front-end developer’s job description is to build websites but to create something out of nothing isn’t always in a man’s hand.


I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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