5 Reasons Why SEO Training in Lahore Fails to Impress Students

5 Reasons Why SEO Training in Lahore Fails to Impress Students

07 Aug 2020 IPSUNI 0 SEO

SEO training in Lahore isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is the knowledge of the Internet and how to rank on search engines.

Google being the most sought-after search engine in the world, is a platform for businesses competing against one another to capture a spot on its first page; A target that seems overwhelming but still achievable.

Instead of students looking to indulge in learning activities, they are after shortcuts and want to get hired no matter what it takes as long as they get a job. Life has no shortcuts; it only has a long way.

Not only are students to blame, but institutes that offer SEO training in Lahore are equally responsible. We will try to learn about areas that need improvement from a general perspective without highlighting anyone in specific.

  • Unable to Correctly Weigh Pros and Cons of the Best SEO Training Institutes in Lahore

While we conduct thorough online research for the best SEO training institutes in Lahore, we spend less time analyzing them. The first thing we must do once we find an institute is to weigh its pros and cons correctly.

For example, the pros of an institute include the presence of senior instructors with years of experience; ventilated lecture rooms; friendly administration; and an open environment where students can discuss anything. If an institute doesn’t have these basic features, I don’t think students should proceed with it.

Farhad Ahmad of the IPS Unit of Education is doing SEO copywriting since 2013. He says:

“I have never had a problem with following instructions as long as they are just and don’t overlook my personal space. While an SEO course fee is usually under 10K for two months of training, students have a chance to grab SEO concepts in the practical sense irrespective of the knowledge we impart.”

  • Digital Marketing Course Focuses More on the Paid Side

The current educational trend is in favor of a complete digital marketing course in Lahore. However, every digital marketing course starts with SEO training in Pakistan. Keyword understanding kickstarts your career as a digital marketer while it does wonders for you as an SEO. For any SEO or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign expert, keyword research is where it all starts.

While we learn the tips and tricks to do effective PPC, we forget the importance of organic traffic – the traffic that attributes solely to white-hat SEO techniques. The focus of students is lost once they become part of a digital marketing course that inclines more toward the paid side of marketing.

It is not actually a flaw but only a matter of realignment of the course outline. Ideally, the digital marketing course should be a mixture of SEO and paid marketing concepts. Currently, the usual digital marketing course focuses more on SMS marketing, marketing through television, search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing.

  • Google AdWords Takes Over the SEO Share of the Market

Google AdWords training in Lahore reassures profits and directs customers to the business in quick succession. At a time of uncertainty, in an age of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google AdWords presents an opportunity to find customers through PPC campaigns. Contrarily, SEO brings results after months of consistent hard work.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world are relying on paid marketing on Google; Google AdWords is the tool that empowers them as long as the campaign runs smoothly. Setting up and running an account successfully on AdWords is no less than an art. And If seconds later, once we start it, you find a customer and make the sale, it means the campaign is going end on a high note; thereupon, achieving the goals of the day. Obviously, the prerequisites of success in this line of work depend on the qualities of digital marketing experts.

Syed Burhan Ahmad, SEO executive at the IPS Unit of Education says:

Institutes like PNY Trainings and Digi Skills restore confidence in young men and women with hope, hope to earn a decent living is motivating enough. But the problem with students today is that they don’t want to do hard work instead they are looking to earn right away. That’s not possible.

  • Lack of Proper Course Material with More Reliance on the Web

Reliance on the web for education makes sense. However, hands-on training speeds up the learning process. In doing so, the presence of a course study guide puts things back in perspective.

Unless we don’t make that happen, SEO training in Lahore won’t reap the desired results. By the end of the course, students deserve to understand difficult concepts through application. A project at the end that they do in real-time will give them enough confidence to perform. It will also help secure the brightest future for them.

  • Students Don't Pay Attention in Online Classes Training

Whether we like it or not, the next mode of learning is online. Face-to-face lectures in rooms filled with students sitting side by side are not happening at the moment. Therefore, the sooner we adjust ourselves with the online way of education, the better.

One of the problems with online lectures is to keep our focus alive through them. Both students and instructors online have to come up with a plan before going into one of these lectures. We don’t want any of the participants to feel the disconnect.

The trick here is to think of a virtual class as a real classroom where students get to interact, say what’s on their minds, and even tell jokes to each other. A classroom has to feel alive instead of giving the dead effect. Clearly, SEO categorizes itself as one of the online earning courses in Lahore.

How did you like these reasons against SEO training in Lahore failing to benefit students? Please state your feedback below. Brighten up our day with your comments.



I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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