3 Ways Learning English Language Is Good for Business

3 Ways Learning English Language Is Good for Business

23 May 2019 IPSUNI 0 English

The English language has become the business language. If you want to excel exponentially, you must be able to communicate well. If you are not fluent in this language, you can enroll in a short course institute to pick up the communication skills and build your confidence. 

Why Focus on Learning English?

Spanglish, a Hollywood flick, takes me back to the significance of knowing languages. In the movie, Adam Sandler hires a Spanish maid who doesn't know English at all but her daughter, on the other hand, was fluent in both English and Spanish. Before romance in the actual sense starts, one can feel the love for a foreign language throughout the movie.

Coming back to the present, the business world is not any different. In an ethnically diverse business environment, where you see people working from other countries, speaking in a language your coworker speaks is precious. It initiates better communication and leads to better results. 

  • Efficient Communication is the Key to Foster Business Relationships 

Communication and understanding among colleagues add to innovation, financial strength, and long-term vision to go a long way for the success of an organization.

Employees of a company are assets, and their quantitative and qualitative maturity can take it to the highest level. Learning the English language via short courses opens doors to a comprehensive approach with better person-to-person engagement.

A 2016 survey recorded by Rosetta Stone says 81 percent of people learn a foreign language earlier in life, but only 46 percent make use of it later at the workplace. As a modern language institute for Spanish and English, IPS UNI welcomes professionals from the business community to take command of their language skills and communicate better at the workplace. 

Let’s know some of the benefits of an English language course or Spanish for that matter.

Workers with Language Training are Confident and Deliver More Often than Not!

English in South East Asia is widely spoken as a second language after the respective native languages. In Pakistan, despite the prevalence of other languages, English holds a special status. Part of its popularity is associated with its universal acceptance, and since the world is now a global village, English has established itself as the go-to language in International affairs. Therefore, ignoring the chance to learn communication via the English language short course can be a mistake. 


  • Grow Your Business Across the Borders 

Moreover, for a global business to sustain itself, training employees in foreign languages as English is mandatory. For instance, in a diverse cultural association, you are likely to be isolated, and chances to excel may seem bleak. However, those who know English or learn it via a short course are at an advantage because it fills them with the confidence they need to excel.

Excel in Your Career via English Language Course

Promotions happen, and higher job positions are there for the taking because you proved yourself as an English communicator most of the time. Believe it or not, fluency in the English language helps create progression opportunities.

On the contrary, communication breakdown can hurt a business and lead it to failure.

Knowing the Language of Your Coworkers Retains Employees

The biggest challenge for human resource managers or executives is to retain employees. That’s right, keeping them happy and working is a daunting task, and executives hardly know about it.

According to an International Survey of IDG Research Services, business leaders have employee retention as their no. 1 organizational long-term preference.

Hence, with short courses like the English language, it becomes to communicate with the employees.

For instance, in cities like New York City, Los Angeles, and other world centers, you see a diverse range of people working in organizations. To be able to communicate with them is not an easy job. However, with English, Spanish, and Chinese language training, forming acquaintances and increasing productivity becomes inevitable. 

  • Economy Boosts in a Multicultural Location

The communications, retail, food, and beverage industry benefit the most with language training and propagation as a common activity. Learning the English language in Pakistan opens doors to the corporate world and presents opportunities for entrepreneurial success.

Train Your Employees in Different Languages as Future Investment

Employees are like an engine. They drive a business forward. When you spend time as a company to train your employees in different languages via short courses, they feel rewarded and most likely continue to work for you in the same manner.

Furthermore, English has millions of speakers around the globe. Although, we should never underestimate the power of language, even if it isn’t spoken extensively. The native tongue has a magical influence on the natives; it dispels understanding and makes things manageable for the speaker. So, with learning English, you increase your chances of mingling in between different English speaking communities.


Hencetrain employees in the languages of the regions you want to expand to. It is similar to buying land that increases in value over time. Also, employees return the favor by contributing to the business consistently.

Thus, enrolling in the English language course at IPS UNI can be a great decision for your personal and business growth.

So, are you ready to learn the English language?


I have been associated with the field of education for more than ten years. The ups and downs of the Pakistani learning environment make me write about it to create awareness and initiate improvement in our education system.

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